IGIS Scientific Symposium at FENS 2019

By September 14, 2019 October 8th, 2019 News

IGIS Symposium at FENS 2019Participants at this Scientific Symposium during FENS 2019, sponsored by IGIS, will discuss and learn about the importance of umami taste as it affects food preference and umami’s role in promoting healthy and balanced diets.

The IGIS symposium is part of the 13th European Nutrition Conference, known as FENS 2019, organized by the Federation of European Nutrition Societies October 15-18 in Dublin, Ireland. FENS 2019 will explore perspectives on “malnutrition in an obese world” among 2,500 delegates attending.

The theme for the symposium is “The Importance of Sensory Properties, including Umami and Kokumi Substances, to Promote Healthy Dietary Patterns.”

Experts at the symposium will discuss molecular and physiological mechanisms of taste perception, and specifically umami taste perception and umami’s role in regulating appetite. The expert speakers and their topics are described below.

Dr. Daniel TomeDr. Daniel Tomé is the director of the research unit for nutritional physiology and eating behaviour, (PNCA) at INRA/AgroParisTech (Paris, France). Dr. Tomé has been an expert committee member of the WHO, the FAO, EFSA and Anses, who determine recommendations for protein and amino acids intake, among others. As an expert in clinical research related to intestinal physiology and nutritional needs, as well as protein metabolism and its global impact on human health, Dr. Tomé will examine “The Role of Dietary Glutamate and Protein Diets in the Health of the Intestine.”



Dr. Gabriella MoriniDr. Gabriella Morini, Assistant Professor of Taste and Food Sciences, University of Gastronomic Sciences (Pollenzo, Italy), will discuss “Taste: To Give a Sense to Food.” Dr. Morini has extensively studied the extent to which variation in taste perception influences food preferences. She will address the mechanism of action of tastants, including umami compounds, in terms of providing specific indications to be used in the design of tasty and healthy foods.



Dr. Ciarán FordeDr. Ciarán Forde is Senior Principal Investigator in Sensory Nutritional Science, at Clinical Nutrition Research Center, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, and Associate Professor in the Dept. of Physiology at the National University of Singapore. Dr. Forde will address “Perception to Ingestion: Using Sensory Cues to Influence Energy Selection, Eating Behaviour and Energy Intake.” Understanding how sensory cues can support healthier food choice and energy intakes will inform the development of successful behavioural and dietary strategies for better management of chronic conditions such as obesity.




Dr. Ana San Gabriel, secretariat of the International Glutamate Information Service (IGIS), the organization sponsoring the symposium, notes, “Understanding how sensory properties affect healthier food choices and energy intakes will support the development of behavioural and dietary strategies for better management of chronic conditions such as obesity.”

Symposium Sponsor: International Glutamate Information Service

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News release: “Nutrition Experts Assess Promising Role of Umami Taste in Battle Against Obesity and Malnutrition”